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Element Hot & Cold "Atmospheric Water Generator" 4 Gallon per day
Element Hot & Cold "Atmospheric Water Generator" 4 Gallon per day

Element Hot & Cold "Atmospheric Water Generator" 4 Gallon per day

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High-Quality Drinking Water

Generate high quality, soft, RO (Reverse Osmosis) water from the air. Ideal for drinking at a 7.8pH without chlorine. 


Water Wherever You Need It

No need for a nearby source of water, just air and a source of electricity are all that is needed.



Operate without being connected to the power supply network with the help of solar panels, wind turbines or a diesel power unit.


Environmentally Friendly

No waste is produced since only a renewable source of water is used. When Noa-lani's technology is used in combination with a renewable source of energy, units have almost zero environmental impact


Cleanses and Dehumidifies

A Noa-lani AWG both cleanses and dehumidifies your surrounding environment. 


No installation

Compact solution, a socket to plug in the generator is all that is needed.


Noa-lani AWGs offer mineralization for an added boost to your health. 


Water challenge

Our aim is to contribute to solving global water challenges such as scarcity, temporary drought, unsanitary water conditions, etc…

  • Volt: 220/110V

  • Frequency: 50/60Hz

  • Total wattage: 830W

  • Water production: 300W

  • Heating: 500W

  • Water temperature: 39°-203°F

  • Working temperature: 59°-104°F

  • Working humidity: 35-95%

  • Water storage: 4.23 Gallons

  • Hot & Cold water output

  • 7 gal/day generated at 86°F & 80%RH

  • Dimension: 15"x16"x44"

  • Net Weight: 105lbs

  • 8 Stage filtration and sterilization