reduce food waste by 90% in 24 hours


24HourCompost's innovative technology allows for an automated and odorless composting process. Our exclusive microbes along with heat, transforms ordinary food waste into nutrient-rich soil.  Our solutions are energy-efficient and a "hands-off" automated process. 

Rapid breakdown of organic materials is our speciality!

Our machine's one-touch control is fully automatic, sensing composting status and providing feedback and controls the operation without pre-setting a timer. 



Our clients all have one thing in common: they've been able to implement significant reduction in waste management costs and greatly reduce their carbon footprint by adopting 24HourCompost systems on-site composting practices! Wide range of industries can benefit from a change in their food waste solutions.

Our goal is to help your business in the effort to reach zero waste.  Compostology continues to improve and advance our technologies in order to make your business successful. 



Composting chamber has internal rotating arms for mechanical agitation, and an oil jacket for insulation. 


Our unique composting technology uses microbes to compost organic waste in 24 hours, and achieve a reduction of 80-90%.  


The internal temperature of the tank is raised to 158°F for one hour to eliminate all harmful bacteria.


Our system is equipped with a deodorizer to trap odors associated with the composting process or exhaust for ventilation. 

Machine Spec




Technology Comparison 

1. Some manufacturers have been selling machines that simply char and burn the waste into ash. They do not have any moisture sensing feature. Moreover, since the systems don't have shredders and heat using coil heaters, the waste takes a longer time to break down.
Our machines ensure that the waste is not burnt and is suitable for further decomposition in the soil even after removal.                                      
2. The EC of the material from our machines is much lower, typically less than 5. Attached is some of the test reports from our sites for your reference.  Test Report                                                                                           
3. The end product from our machines is a soil amendment that helps with increasing the organic matter and water retention capacity of soil.                       
4. We provide a special bio culture with our machines that helps the material to continue to decompose and provide nutrients to the soil even after removal from the machine.